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Volume 10, Issue 4, April 2016

Volume 10, Issue 4

April 2016

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    • Diverse videos synthesis using manifold-based parametric motion model for facial understanding
      Combination of hybrid median filter and total variation minimisation for medical X-ray image restoration
      Adaptive fuzzy c-means algorithm based on local noise detecting for image segmentation
      Noise-insensitive and edge-preserving resolution upconversion scheme for digital image based on the spatial general autoregressive model
      Real-time vehicle detection with foreground-based cascade classifier
      Higher-order MRFs based image super resolution: why not MAP?
      High quality impulse noise removal via non-uniform sampling and autoregressive modelling based super-resolution
      Robust fast corner detector based on filled circle and outer ring mask
    • Resolution enhancement of textual images: a survey of single image-based methods

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