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Volume 10, Issue 12, December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 12

December 2016

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    • Fully automatic figure-ground segmentation algorithm based on deep convolutional neural network and GrabCut
      Simple median-based EP PP scheme for enhancement of reconstructed Bayer colour filter array images
      Image denoising via bidirectional low rank representation with cluster adaptive dictionary
      Denoising model for parallel magnetic resonance imaging images using higher-order Markov random fields
      Robust image authentication scheme with self-repair capability for greyscale source document images via PNG format
      Semi-real-time algorithm for fast pattern matching
      Kernelised supervised context hashing
      Haze removal for a single inland waterway image using sky segmentation and dark channel prior
      Level set method for image segmentation based on local variance and improved intensity inhomogeneity model
      When spatial distribution unites with spatial contrast: an effective blind image quality assessment model

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