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Volume 10, Issue 11, November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 11

November 2016

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    • Contrast enhancement using entropy-based dynamic sub-histogram equalisation
      Hybrid bilateral filtering algorithm based on edge detection
      Novel blind colour image watermarking technique using Hessenberg decomposition
      Cryptography of medical images based on a combination between chaotic and neural network
      Simultaneous enhancement and noise reduction of a single low-light image
      Super-speed up robust features image geometrical registration algorithm
      Non-local-based spatially constrained hierarchical fuzzy C-means method for brain magnetic resonance imaging segmentation
      Scene-adaptive single image dehazing via opening dark channel model
      Multilevel framework to handle object occlusions for real-time tracking
      Saliency and depth-based unsupervised object segmentation
      Vanishing point detection using random forest and patch-wise weighted soft voting
      Image decomposition-based blind image deconvolution model by employing sparse representation
      Coupled image restoration model with non-convex non-smooth ℓ p wavelet frame and total variation regularisation

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