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Volume 10, Issue 10, October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 10

October 2016

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    • Diffusion-steered super-resolution method based on the Papoulis–Gerchberg algorithm
      Fast-efficient shape error concealment technique based on block classification
      Image enhancement based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory
      Multilabel statistical shape prior for image segmentation
      Segmentation of the right ventricle in MRI images using a dual active shape model
      Semi-automatic detection of coronary artery stenosis in 3D CTA
      Robust facial landmark detection using mixture of discriminative visibility-aware models
      Image encryption by chaos mixing
      Mid-sagittal plane detection in brain magnetic resonance image based on multifractal techniques
      Combining firefly algorithm and Bayesian classifier: new direction for automatic multilabel image annotation
      Blind image watermarking method based on linear canonical wavelet transform and QR decomposition
      Saliency histogram equalisation and its application to image resizing

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