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IET Image Processing

Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2007

Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2007

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    • Grey level reduction for segmentation, threshholding and binarisation of images based on optimal partitioning on an interval
      Geometrical-based algorithm for variational segmentation and smoothing of vector-valued images
      Technique to correct yellowing and foxing in antique books
      Spatial error concealment method based on POCS with a correlation-based initial block
      Hybrid error concealments based on block content
      Using pano-mapping tables for unwarping of omni-images into panoramic and perspective-view images
      Spatial kernel K-harmonic means clustering for multi-spectral image segmentation
      Visual information fusion for object-based video image segmentation using unsupervised Bayesian online learning
      Probabilistic convexity measure
      Classified image compression using optimally structured auto-association networks
      Error resilient video coding with priority data classification using H.264 flexible macroblock ordering
      Progressive content access to databases of JPEG-compressed images
      Block motion estimation using adaptive modified two-bit transform
      Wavelet and multiwavelet watermarking
      Shape-based retrieval of industrial surface defects using angular radius Fourier descriptor
      Bottom-up spatiotemporal visual attention model for video analysis

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