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IET Information Security

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2013

Volume 7, Issue 2

June 2013

Secure group communication with both confidentiality and non-repudiation for mobile ad-hoc networks
Use of elliptic curve cryptography for multimedia encryption
Low space-complexity digit-serial dual basis systolic multiplier over Galois field GF(2 m ) using Hankel matrix and Karatsuba algorithm
Biometric key distribution solution with energy distribution information of physiological signals for body sensor network security
IDSEP: a novel intrusion detection scheme based on energy prediction in cluster-based wireless sensor networks
Fair (t, n) threshold secret sharing scheme
New certificateless short signature scheme
Secure remote access to home automation networks
Antivirus performance characterisation: system-wide view
On the approximation of S-boxes via Maiorana–McFarland functions
uCloud: a user-centric key management scheme for cloud data protection
Oblivious decision program evaluation

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