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IET Information Security

Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2012

Volume 6, Issue 4

December 2012

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    • Security analysis of Kulseng et al.'s mutual authentication protocol for RFID systems
      Critical survey of existing publicly verifiable secret sharing schemes
      Deniable message transmission authenticator based on weak signature schemes
      Analytical framework for measuring network security using exploit dependency graph
      Dynamic and secure key management model for hierarchical heterogeneous sensor networks
      Improved one-to-many authentication scheme for access control in pay-TV systems
      Mobile encryption for laptop data protection (MELP)
      Visual secret sharing for general access structures by random grids
      Low-complexity Gaussian normal basis multiplier over GF(2m)
      Palindromic-like representation for Gaussian normal basis multiplier over GF(2m) with odd type t
      Low-complexity design of bit-parallel dual-basis multiplier over GF(2m)
      On hardware-oriented message authentication

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