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IET Information Security

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2010

Volume 4, Issue 4

December 2010

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    • Editorial: Multi-agent & distributed information security
      Distributed security for multi-agent systems – review and applications
      Unconditionally secure social secret sharing scheme
      Trust-based on-demand multipath routing in mobile ad hoc networks
      Covert channel resistant information leakage protection using a multi-agent architecture
      Digital product transaction mechanism for electronic auction environment
      Survey of security services on group communications
      Supporting multi-agent reputation calculation in the Wikipedia Recommender System
      Integrated security analysis framework for an enterprise network – a formal approach
      Multi-level authorisation model and framework for distributed semantic-aware environments
      Efficient proxy signatures based on trapdoor hash functions
      Multi-Agent pattern recognition mechanism for detecting distributed denial of service attacks
      Recovery of data integrity under multi-tier architectures
      Cluster-based secure communication mechanism in wireless ad hoc networks
      Outlier detection and countermeasure for hierarchical wireless sensor networks
      Adaptive link-state routing and intrusion detection in wireless mesh networks
      Physical layer assisted authentication for distributed ad hoc wireless sensor networks
      Anonymity and security for autonomous mobile agents
      Towards an authorisation model for distributed systems based on the Semantic Web

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