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Volume 14, Issue 6, November 2020

Volume 14, Issue 6

November 2020

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    • Efficient blacklistable anonymous credential system with reputation using a pairing-based accumulator
      Pairing free identity based aggregate signcryption scheme
      Efficient elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman computation at the 256-bit security level
      More realistic analysis of mass surveillance – security in multi-surveillant settings
      Further study on constructing bent functions outside the completed Maiorana–McFarland class
      Post-quantum protocol for computing set intersection cardinality with linear complexity
      SPCOR: a secure and privacy-preserving protocol for mobile-healthcare emergency to reap computing opportunities at remote and nearby
      C-NSA: a hybrid approach based on artificial immune algorithms for anomaly detection in web traffic
      Economic feasibility study for stealthy socialbot network establishment
      P2 KASE A2—privacy-preserving key aggregate searchable encryption supporting authentication and access control on multi-delegation
      Multi-party key generation protocol for the identity-based signature scheme in the IEEE P1363 standard for public key cryptography
      Achieving secure and convenient WLAN sharing in personal
      Statistical watermarking approach for 3D mesh using local curvature estimation
      Non-stochastic hypothesis testing for privacy
      Tightly-secure two-pass authenticated key exchange protocol using twin Diffie–Hellman problem
      GUIM-SMD: guilty user identification model using summation matrix-based distribution

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