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Volume 14, Issue 5, September 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

September 2020

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    • Chosen base-point side-channel attack on Montgomery ladder with x-only coordinate: with application to secp256k1
      Lattice signatures using NTRU on the hardness of worst-case ideal lattice problems
      Improved integral attacks on 24-round LBlock and LBlock-s
      Secure and load-balanced routing protocol in wireless sensor network or disaster management
      Improved SIMD implementation of Poly1305
      Improved real-time permission based malware detection and clustering approach using model independent pruning
      Threat model and construction strategy on ADS-B attack data
      Computation integrity assurance for emerging distributed computation outsourcing environments, the case of block withholding attack on Bitcoin pools
      Robust security framework with bit-flipping attack and timing attack for key derivation functions
      Integral cryptanalysis on two block ciphers Pyjamask and uBlock
      Research on a high-order AES mask anti-power attack
      Differential attacks on reduced-round SNOW 3G and SNOW 3G
      MILP-based automatic differential search for LEA and HIGHT block ciphers
      SMT-based cube attack on round-reduced Simeck32/64

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