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Volume 14, Issue 2, March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 2

March 2020

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    • New single-trace side-channel attacks on a specific class of Elgamal cryptosystem
      Protecting scientific workflows in clouds with an intrusion tolerant system
      Network intrusion detection model based on multivariate correlation analysis – long short-time memory network
      Novel non-linear dynamics P2P network worm propagation and immune model
      Fingerprint image quality assessment based on BP neural network with hierarchical clustering
      Choosing subfields for LUOV and lifting fields for rainbow
      Framework for faster key search using related-key higher-order differential properties: applications to Agrasta
      Parallel-CNN network for malware detection
      Threshold trapdoor functions and their applications
      Mutual authentication-based RA scheme for embedded systems
      Call graph obfuscation and diversification: an approach

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