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Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2020

Volume 14, Issue 1

January 2020

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    • Mining of intrusion attack in SCADA network using clustering and genetically seeded flora-based optimal classification algorithm
      MILP-aided bit-based division property for primitives with non-bit-permutation linear layers
      An efficient authentication and key agreement protocol for a group of vehicles devices in 5G cellular networks
      Implementing confidential transactions with lattice techniques
      Correlation-based sequence alignment models for detecting masquerades in cloud computing
      Secure signal processing using fully homomorphic encryption
      How to build a vulnerability benchmark to overcome cyber security attacks
      Cube distinguisher extraction using division property in block ciphers
      Dynamic resource virtualisation method for survivability enhancement based on SDN
      Contextual-based approach to reduce false positives
      Secure hierarchical authentication protocol in VANET
      Specifications and improvements of LPN solving algorithms
      Integral distinguishers for Grøstl-512 and Kupyna-512 permutation functions
      New method for assets sensitivity calculation and technical risks assessment in the information systems
      Ways to merge two secret sharing schemes

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