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IET Information Security

Volume 13, Issue 6, November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

November 2019

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    • Image-based CAPTCHAs based on neural style transfer
      Fair and private rewarding in a coalitional game of cybersecurity information sharing
      Dynamical model for individual defence against cyber epidemic attacks
      Advanced encryption standard based on key dependent S-Box cube
      Guess and determine cryptanalysis with variable sampling and its applications
      Transforming malicious code to ROP gadgets for antivirus evasion
      Witness indistinguishability and witness hiding against quantum attacks
      Cryptanalysis for reduced round Salsa and ChaCha: revisited
      Distinguisher and non-randomness of Grain-v1 for 112, 114 and 116 initialisation rounds with multiple-bit difference in IVs
      Division polynomial-based elliptic curve scalar multiplication revisited
      Multi-key homomorphic authenticators
      Fully homomorphic encryption based on the ring learning with rounding problem
      Enhanced secure data backup scheme using multi-factor authentication
      Hybrid intelligent phishing website prediction using deep neural networks with genetic algorithm-based feature selection and weighting
      Leakage-resilient lattice-based partially blind signatures
      Revisiting BGG+14 ABE with weakness analysis
      Charge balancing symmetric pre-resolve adiabatic logic against power analysis attacks
      Dynamic asymmetric group key agreement protocol with traitor traceability

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