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Volume 13, Issue 5, September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

September 2019

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    • Improved guess-and-determine attack on TRIVIUM
      ESR analysis over ST-MRC multi-input multi-output Nakagami fading channels
      Identity-based encryption resilient to continuous key leakage
      Causal analysis of attacks against honeypots based on properties of countries
      S-boxes representation and efficiency of algebraic attack
      Multi-designated verifiers signature schemes with threshold verifiability: generic pattern and a concrete scheme in the standard model
      New zero-sum distinguishers on full 24-round Keccak-f using the division property
      New method to describe the differential distribution table for large S-boxes in MILP and its application
      Inline high-bandwidth network analysis using a robust stream clustering algorithm
      Escrowed decryption protocols for lawful interception of encrypted data
      Sigma protocol for faster proof of simultaneous homomorphism relations

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