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IET Information Security

Volume 12, Issue 6, November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 6

November 2018

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    • CryptoSAT: a tool for SAT-based cryptanalysis
      Efficient batch identity-based fully homomorphic encryption scheme in the standard model
      Guess-and-determine attacks on PANAMA-like stream ciphers
      Equivalent key attack against a public-key cryptosystem based on subset sum problem
      Detection and differentiation of application layer DDoS attack from flash events using fuzzy-GA computation
      Improved integral attacks without full codebook
      Physical feasibility of QKD based on probabilistic quantum circuits
      New algorithms for the unbalanced generalised birthday problem
      Supervised learning framework for covert channel detection in LTE-A
      Vulnerability modelling of crypto-chips against scan-based attacks
      Preprocessing optimisation: revisiting recursive-BKZ lattice reduction algorithm
      OPEXA: analyser assistant for detecting over-privileged extensions

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