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IET Information Security

Volume 12, Issue 4, July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

July 2018

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    • Power of public-key function-private functional encryption
      FHE over the integers and modular arithmetic circuits
      Sandwich construction for keyed sponges: independence between capacity and construction queries
      Analysing HSTS and HPKP implementation in both browsers and servers
    • Trade-off between self-healing and energy consumption in mobile unattended WSNs
      Multi-objective auto-regressive whale optimisation for traffic-aware routing in urban VANET
      Protect white-box AES to resist table composition attacks
      Improved zero-correlation and impossible differential cryptanalysis of reduced-round SIMECK block cipher
      Framework for practical and receipt-free remote voting
      Least lion optimisation algorithm (LLOA) based secret key generation for privacy preserving association rule hiding
      Personalised anonymity for microdata release
      Generalisation of Hadamard matrix to generate involutory MDS matrices for lightweight cryptography
      Thermal maps based HT detection using spatial projection transformation
      Detecting shilling profiles in collaborative recommender systems via multidimensional profile temporal features
      Deterministic lattice reduction on knapsacks with collision-free properties
    • Parallel multiple pattern matching schemes based on cuckoo filter for deep packet inspection on graphics processing units

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