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Volume 10, Issue 6, November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 6

November 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Public-key encryption indistinguishable under plaintext-checkable attacks
      Selective opening security of practical public-key encryption schemes
      Adaptive proofs of knowledge in the random oracle model
      Divisible e-cash made practical
      Bootstrapping BGV ciphertexts with a wider choice of p and q
      Strongly-optimal structure preserving signatures from Type II pairings: synthesis and lower bounds
      Low Noise LPN: Key dependent message secure public key encryption an sample amplification
    • Securing solar energy-harvesting road-side unit using an embedded cooperative-hybrid intrusion detection system
      Public key cryptosystems secure against memory leakage attacks
      Method for detecting text information leakage in electromagnetic radiation from a computer display
      Exception-oriented programming: retrofitting code-reuse attacks to construct kernel malware
      Improved impossible differential attack on reduced version of Camellia with FL/FL −1 functions
      Hyperchaotic system-based pseudorandom number generator
      Security of weak secrets based cryptographic primitives via the Rényi entropy

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