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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Selected Papers from the 2020 2nd International Conference on Smart Power & Internet Energy Systems (SPIES2020) - click here to download more information (pdf)

Submission portal will open at least 8 weeks before submission deadline

Topics covered include:

  • Power System Control, Operation, and Management
  • Power System Condition Monitoring and Asset Management
  • Smart Grid Vulnerability, Cybersecurity, and Protection
  • Energy Transportation and Electric Vehicle
  • Internet Energy System, Wide Area Control and PMU
  • Communication Technologies/Protocols for Smart Grid
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Applications in Power System
  • Impact of Renewables on Distribution Network
  • Electric Machines and Stability
  • FACTS and High Power Electronics
  • EAnpeprlgicya Etioffnicsie inn cPyo awnedr ESnyesrtegmy

Previously published Special Issues


Emerging Trends in System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) for Improving the Performance of Smart Grid

Vol. 13, Issue 8

Intelligent Protection and Control of Microgrids with Energy Storage Integration

Vol. 13, Issue 6


New Trends in the Planning of Distribution Network with High Penetration of Renewables and Flexible Loads

Vol. 12, Issue 20


Distributed & Autonomous Dispatch and Control for Active Distribution Networks/Microgrids Potential Scheme to Realize Plug & Play of DER

Vol. 11, Issue 3


Cyber-Physical Power Systems: Design, Modeling, Simulation and Control

Vol. 10, Issue 11

Special Issue: Selected Papers from The 11th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmissions (ACDC 2015)

Vol. 10, Issue 6

Optimal Utilization of Storage Systems in Transmission and Distribution Systems

Vol. 10, Issue 3


Power Electronic Converter Systems for Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Vol. 9, Issue 10

Sensors and Data Analytics for Smart Grid Infrastructure

Vol. 9, Issue 2

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