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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Unlocking the Full Benefits of TSO-DSO Interactions - click here to download more information (pdf)

Topics covered include:

  • New network codes for TSO and DSO interactions
  • Aggregator roles in future distribution networks and the interactions with TSO
  • Uncertainties affecting DSO and TSO and the impacts on the other party
  • Challenges due to the lack of sufficient observability in DN and the impacts on TN
  • The impacts of demand response at distribution level on the TSO operation and planning policies
  • Flexibility harvesting in transmission and distribution networks and the impacts on DN &TN
  • Mathematical formulation describing the interactions of transmission and distribution networks
  • Forecasting tools for TSO considering the demand/DER at DN
  • Data analysis tools for discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making in TSO-DSO interactions
  • Network planning coordination between TSO-DSO
  • How to enhance the utilization of existing assets by coordinated DSO-TSO interactions?
  • How to reduce the congestion/loading of transformers linking DN & TN
  • Improving the overall resiliency of the power system through the coordinated TSO-DSO actions
  • The data exchange between DSO and TSO
  • Non-wire solutions for facilitating the interactions of TSO-DSO
  • Stability analysis of DN - TN interactions

Previously published Special Issues


Distributed & Autonomous Dispatch and Control for Active Distribution Networks/Microgrids Potential Scheme to Realize Plug & Play of DER

Vol. 11, Issue 3


Cyber-Physical Power Systems: Design, Modeling, Simulation and Control

Vol. 10, Issue 11

Special Issue: Selected Papers from The 11th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmissions (ACDC 2015)

Vol. 10, Issue 6

Optimal Utilization of Storage Systems in Transmission and Distribution Systems

Vol. 10, Issue 3


Power Electronic Converter Systems for Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Vol. 9, Issue 10

Sensors and Data Analytics for Smart Grid Infrastructure

Vol. 9, Issue 2

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