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Volume 9, Issue 8, 21 May 2015

Volume 9, Issue 8

21 May 2015

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    • Optimal planning of energy hubs in interconnected energy systems: a case study for natural gas and electricity
      Development of frequency-based anti-islanding protection models for synchronous distributed generators suitable for real-time simulations
      Probabilistic spinning reserve adequacy evaluation for generating systems using an Markov chain Monte Carlo-integrated cross-entropy method
      Hybrid multi-swarm particle swarm optimisation based multi-objective reactive power dispatch
      Debates on ultra-high-voltage synchronous power grid: the future super grid in China?
      Real time identification of coherent groups for controlled islanding based on graph theory
      Life-cycle loss evaluation of power transformers serving large photovoltaic plants in vertically integrated and decentralised systems
      Rigorous calculation method for resonance frequencies in transmission line responses
      Wind generation as a reserve provider

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