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Volume 9, Issue 7, 30 April 2015

Volume 9, Issue 7

30 April 2015

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    • Sufficient and necessary condition of sensitivity consistency in static equivalent methods
      Critical clearing time estimation using synchrophasor data-based equivalent dynamic model
      Optimal power flow in the presence of wind power using modified cuckoo search
      Score-based intelligent home energy management (HEM) algorithm for demand response applications and impact of HEM operation on customer comfort
      Hybrid method for power system state estimation
      Multi-objective bat algorithm with time-varying inertia weights for optimal design of passive power filters set
      Enhancing the clustering process in the category model load profiling
      Application of data envelopment analysis theorem in plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging station planning
      V–Q sensitivity-based index for assessment of dynamic voltage stability of power systems
      Secondary arc current of ultra-high voltage transmission line with a mixed voltage of 1000/500 kV on a single tower

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