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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 9, Issue 4, 05 March 2015

Volume 9, Issue 4

05 March 2015

Smart distribution system volt/VAR control using distributed intelligence and wireless communication
Instantaneous positive-sequence current applied for detecting voltage sag sources
Optimal bidding strategy of electricity retailers using robust optimisation approach considering time-of-use rate demand response programs under market price uncertainties
Effects of wind speed probabilistic and possibilistic uncertainties on generation system adequacy
Calculation of the ionised field and the corona losses of high-voltage direct current transmission lines using a finite-difference-based flux tracing method
Optimal unified power flow controller application to enhance total transfer capability
Incorporating deadbeat and low-frequency harmonic elimination in modular multilevel converters
Investigation of the sympathetic tripping problem in power systems with large penetrations of distributed generation
Algorithms for fault zone detection in series-compensated transmission lines
Fast algorithm for estimating power frequency phasors under power system transients

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