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Volume 9, Issue 2, 29 January 2015

Volume 9, Issue 2

29 January 2015

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    • Online identification of protection element failure using wide area measurements
      Robust algorithm to estimate fault synchrophasor from fault-transient synchrophasor in phasor data concentrator
      Adaptive fault identification and classification methodology for smart power grids using synchronous phasor angle measurements
      Loss-of-mains protection system by application of phasor measurement unit technology with experimentally assessed threshold settings
      Tool for testing of phasor measurement units: PMU performance analyser
      Reliability analysis of phasor measurement unit incorporating hardware and software interaction failures
      Phasor measurement unit placement framework for enhanced wide-area situational awareness
      Robust technique for accurate estimation of single-phase grid voltage fundamental frequency and amplitude
      Data analytics based neuro-fuzzy controller for diesel-photovoltaic hybrid AC microgrid

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