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Volume 9, Issue 16, 03 December 2015

Volume 9, Issue 16

03 December 2015

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    • Analytical approximate calculation of losses for modular multilevel converters
      Assessing the effect of wind power peaking characteristics on the maximum penetration level of wind power
      Decentralised coordinated control of microgrid based on multi-agent system
      Applying high-voltage direct current emergency control to suppress the peak value of ultra-high-voltage tie-line power oscillation
      Feature extraction and severity assessment of partial discharge under protrusion defect based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
      Monitoring and identification of metal–oxide surge arrester conditions using multi-layer support vector machine
      On-line fault monitoring system for hydroelectric generators based on spectrum analysis of the neutral current
      Generating simple-to-apply comprehensive engineering recommendation for earthing safety in systems with solidly earthed neutral
      Compacting and partitioning-based simulation solution for frequency-dependent network equivalents in real-time digital simulator
      Steady-state model for the three-leg shunt-series ac-link power flow controller
      Fault detection for offshore wind farm connected to onshore grid via voltage source converter-high voltage direct current
      Modelling hierarchical decision making framework for operation of active distribution grids
      Multi-criteria optimisation approach to increase the delivered power in radial distribution networks
      Low-order controller design using remotely measured time delayed signals for stabilisation of equivalent power grid
      Assessment of electricity price uncertainty impact on the operation of multi-carrier energy systems
      Proposition of an interharmonic-based methodology for high-impedance fault detection in distribution systems
      Capacity optimisation method of distribution static synchronous compensator considering the risk of voltage sag in high-voltage distribution networks
      Affine projection algorithm based adaptive control scheme for operation of variable-speed wind generator
      Estimation of transmission line parameters using multiple methods
      Probability-based approach for parametrisation of traditional underfrequency load-shedding schemes
      Protection scheme for high-voltage direct-current transmission lines based on transient AC current
      Critical span identification model for dynamic thermal rating system placement
      Efficient algorithm for transmission system energy loss allocation considering multilateral contracts and load variation
      Test and analysis on sensitivity of low-voltage releases to voltage sags
      Optimal energy storage system allocation and operation for improving wind power penetration
      Series impedance of distribution cables with sector-shaped conductors
      New intelligent controlled islanding scheme in large interconnected power systems
      Risk informed design modification of dynamic thermal rating system
      Multistage time-variant electric vehicle load modelling for capturing accurate electric vehicle behaviour and electric vehicle impact on electricity distribution grids
      Thermal modelling and analysis for offshore submarine high-voltage direct current cable crossings
      Real-time deterministic power flow control through dispatch of distributed energy resources
      Propagation of overvoltages in distribution transformers with silicon steel and amorphous cores
      Three-phase probabilistic load flow in radial and meshed distribution networks
      Centralised solution for subsynchronous control interaction of doubly fed induction generators using voltage-sourced converter
      Convexification of bad data and topology error detection and identification problems in AC electric power systems
      Initialised load-flow analysis based on Lagrange polynomial approximation for efficient quasi-static time-series simulation
      Fractional order Sprott chaos synchronisation-based real-time extension power quality detection method
      Fault modelling and detection in power generation, transmission and distribution systems
      Adaptive barrier filter-line-search interior point method for optimal power flow with FACTS devices
      Multi-level dispatch control architecture for power systems with demand-side resources

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