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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 9, Issue 15, 19 November 2015

Volume 9, Issue 15

19 November 2015

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    • Performance analysis of a new fast negative sequence power injection oriented islanding detection technique for photovoltaic photovoltaic based voltage source converter based micro grid operation
      Ground distance relay compensation in the presence of delta-hexagonal phase shifting transformer
      Unsynchronised fault-location technique for three-terminal lines
      Sparse S-transform for location of faults on transmission lines operating with unified power flow controller
      Value based pricing of distribution generations active power in distribution networks
      Properties of the generalised power theory: universality and partitioning/augmentation properties
      Model-based tuning approach for multi-band power system stabilisers PSS4B using an improved modal performance index
      Optimal placement of static compensators for multi-objective voltage stability enhancement of power systems
      Optimal economic dispatch model based on risk management for wind-integrated power system
      Robust stabilisation of power systems with random abrupt changes
      Frequency stabilisation of a hybrid two-area power system by a novel quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm
      Improving underground power distribution capacity using artificial backfill materials
      State feedback-based capacitor voltage equalisation scheme in distribution static compensator for load compensation
      Control scheme of the de-icing method by the transferred current of bundled conductors and its key parameters
      Identification of dominant low-frequency modes in ring-down oscillations using multiple Prony models
      Comparative study between two market clearing schemes in wind dominant electricity markets
      Investigating the impact of unanticipated market and construction delays on the development of a meshed HVDC grid using dynamic transmission planning
      Probabilistic undervoltage load shedding using point estimate method
      Dynamic equivalencing of an active distribution network for large-scale power system frequency stability studies
      Excitation control of a synchronous generator using a novel fractional-order controller
      Islanding detection and load shedding scheme for radial distribution systems integrated with dispersed generations
      Flexible transmission expansion planning associated with large-scale wind farms integration considering demand response
      Load frequency control of a hydro-thermal system under deregulated environment using biogeography-based optimised three-degree-of-freedom integral-derivative controller
      Detection and classification of faults in transmission lines using the maximum wavelet singular value and Euclidean norm
      Design of a hybrid hierarchical demand response control scheme for the frequency control
      Transmission expansion planning model considering conductor thermal dynamics and high temperature low sag conductors
      Hierarchical predictive control scheme for distributed energy storage integrated with residential demand and photovoltaic generation
      Multi-objective low voltage grid tariff setting
      Islanding detection method for inverter-based distributed generation with negligible non-detection zone using energy of rate of change of voltage phase angle
      Solution of optimal reactive power dispatch by chaotic krill herd algorithm
      Assessment of a new constraint satisfaction problem based active demand control approach to address distribution network constraints
      Research on low carbon electricity under the probabilistic reliability evaluation
      Characteristics of power quality disturbances in Australia: voltage dips at low-voltage sites
      Using disturbance records to automate the diagnosis of faults and operational procedures in power generators
      Automatic generation control of multi-unit multi-area deregulated power system using a novel quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm
      Stochastic subspace identification-based approach for tracking inter-area oscillatory modes in bulk power system utilising synchrophasor measurements
      N − 1 security assessment approach based on the steady-state security distance
      Optimal phasor measurement unit placement for numerical observability in the presence of conventional measurements using semi-definite programming
      Coordinating generation and load pickup during load restoration with discrete load increments and reserve constraints
      Robust control of an islanded multi-bus microgrid based on input–output feedback linearisation and sliding mode control

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