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Volume 9, Issue 14, 05 November 2015

Volume 9, Issue 14

05 November 2015

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    • Modelling of energy storage dispatch for generation system adequacy studies
      Stochastic locational marginal price calculation in distribution systems using game theory and point estimate method
      Hybrid islanding detection method based on decision tree and positive feedback for distributed generations
      A novel index for identification of weak nodes for reactive compensation to improve voltage stability
      Reactive power planning under high penetration of wind energy using Benders decomposition
      Comparative performance analysis of fruit fly optimisation algorithm for multi-area multi-source automatic generation control under deregulated environment
      Statistical approach for transient stability constrained optimal power flow
      Power system reliability evaluation using a state space classification technique and particle swarm optimisation search method
      One-day-ahead hourly forecasting for photovoltaic power generation using an intelligent method with weather-based forecasting models
      Stabilisation of unknown fractional-order chaotic systems: an adaptive switching control strategy with application to power systems
      Condition-based exciter model complexity reduction for improved transient stability simulation
      Indices for measurement of harmonic distortion in power systems according to IEC 61000-4-7 standard
      Self-adapted single-ended travelling wave fault location algorithm considering transfer characteristics of the secondary circuit
      Holonic structure: a state-of-the-art control architecture based on multi-agent systems for optimal reactive power dispatch in smart grids
      Artificial intelligence based thermographic approach for high voltage substations risk assessment
      Simple method of fast discharge of capacitor banks using delta connected transformers: modelling and experimental testing
      Digital filter for phasor estimation applied to distance relays
      Application of brain emotional learning-based intelligent controller to power flow control with thyristor-controlled series capacitance
      Probabilistic optimal robust multistage feeder routing under load forecasting uncertainty
      Kalman filter based incipient fault detection method for underground cables
      Interval radial power flow using extended DistFlow formulation and Krawczyk iteration method with sparse approximate inverse preconditioner
      Analysis of power transfer limit considering thermal balance of overhead conductor
      Voltage stability in unbalanced power systems: a new complementarity constraints-based approach
      Look-ahead distribution power restoration analysis based on integrated operation of distribution automation and advanced metring infrastructure systems
      Hilbert–Huang transform-based transient busbar protection algorithm
      Adaptive directional overcurrent relay coordination using ant colony optimisation
      Probabilistic evaluation for static voltage stability for unbalanced three-phase distribution system
      Multi-objective transmission reinforcement planning approach for analysing future energy scenarios in the Great Britain network
      Earth fault location based on evaluation of voltage sag at secondary side of medium voltage/low voltage transformers

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