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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 9, Issue 13, 01 October 2015

Volume 9, Issue 13

01 October 2015

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    • Natural frequency-based protection scheme for voltage source converter-based high-voltage direct current transmission lines
      Probabilistic evaluation of long-duration voltage variations in distribution networks with wind power plants
      Wide-area damping control for inter-area oscillations using inverse filtering technique
      Affine arithmetic-based methodology for energy hub operation-scheduling in the presence of data uncertainty
      Short-term price forecasting of Nordic power market by combination Levenberg–Marquardt and Cuckoo search algorithms
      Credibility forecasting in short-term load forecasting and its application
      Reliability and economic-driven switchable capacitor placement in distribution network
      Adaptive notch filter solution under unbalanced and/or distorted point of common coupling voltage for three-phase four-wire shunt active power filter with sinusoidal utility current strategy
      Improved fault location algorithm for multi-location faults, transforming faults and shunt faults in thyristor controlled series capacitor compensated transmission line
      Computation of transient voltage and current profiles along illuminated multiconductor lines by means of the numerical Laplace transform
      Voltage and power control for minimising converter and distribution losses in autonomous microgrids
      Improving method of robust transmission network expansion planning considering intermittent renewable energy generation and loads
      Loss allocation in distribution network with distributed generations
      Performance analysis of distance relay in presence of unified interphase power controller and voltage-source converters-based interphase power controller
      Optimal design of linear subsynchronous damping controllers for stabilising torsional interactions under all possible operating conditions
      Market-based mechanism for multi-area power exchange management in a multiple electricity market
      Induced voltages on overhead transmission lines because of nearby included lightning channel
      Availability analysis of photovoltaic inverters in presence of uncertain data via Bayesian approach
      Dynamic equivalent of microgrid considering flexible components
      Binary fish swarm algorithm for profit-based unit commitment problem in competitive electricity market with ramp rate constraints
      Design of a novel intelligent damping controller for unified power flow controller in power system connected offshore power applications
      New findings on bypass damping filter in increasing subsynchronous resonance damping of series compensated system
      Analysis of unbalanced distribution lines with mutual coupling across different voltage levels and the corresponding impact on network voltage
      Unity power factor operation and neutral current compensation of diesel generator set feeding three-phase four-wire loads
      Islanding detection method based on a Thevenin-like model
      Application of Bayesian networks in composite power system reliability assessment and reliability-based analysis
      Advanced application of transient stability constrained-optimal power flow to a transmission system including an HVDC-LCC link
      Algorithms and field experiences for estimating transmission line parameters based on fault record data
      Multi-objective planning tool for the installation of renewable energy resources
      Probabilistic harmonic load flow using fast point estimate method

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