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Volume 9, Issue 12, 04 September 2015

Volume 9, Issue 12

04 September 2015

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    • Piecewise-linear approximations for a non-linear transmission expansion planning problem
      Reliability and sensitivity analysis of composite power systems considering voltage and reactive power constraints
      Relay logic for islanding detection in active distribution systems
      Distance protection of shunt compensated transmission line using a sparse S-transform
      Loss allocation in radial distribution networks with different load models and distributed generations
      Wide-area control through aggregation of power systems
      Power quality enhancement by coordinated operation of thyristor switched capacitor and optimal reclosing of circuit breakers
      Two-level decision-making model for a distribution company in day-ahead market
      Power system load modelling under large and small disturbances using phasor measurement units data
      Hybrid flow betweenness approach for identification of vulnerable line in power system
      Dual-setting characteristic for directional overcurrent relays considering multiple fault locations
      Fully distributed multi-area economic dispatch method for active distribution networks
      Online re-dispatching of power systems based on modal sensitivity identification
      Bidirectional multilevel shunt compensator with simultaneous functionalities based on the conservative power theory for battery-based storages
      Congestion management through rotor stress controlled optimal transmission switching
      Distribution network protection considering grid code requirements for distributed generation
      Electricity price forecasting using a new data fusion algorithm
      Transition from alternating current to direct current low voltage distribution networks
      Grid synchronisation technique without using trigonometric functions for accurate estimation of fundamental voltage parameters
      Distribution networks planning using decomposition optimisation technique
      Chance-constrained programming approach to stochastic congestion management considering system uncertainties
      Waveshape recognition technique to detect current transformer saturation
      Algorithm for power angle control to improve power quality in distribution system using unified power quality conditioner
      Superposition feature of the switching functions for the dynamic phasor model of the converters under commutation failure
      Dynamic planning of distributed generation units in active distribution network
      Simplified probabilistic voltage stability evaluation considering variable renewable distributed generation in distribution systems
      Measurement-based correlation approach for power system dynamic response estimation
      Utilising stored wind energy by hydro-pumped storage to provide frequency support at high levels of wind energy penetration
      Stochastic-based scheduling of the microgrid operation including wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, energy storages and responsive loads
      Impacts of renewables generation and demand patterns on net transfer capacity: implications for effectiveness of market splitting in Germany

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