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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 9, Issue 11, 06 August 2015

Volume 9, Issue 11

06 August 2015

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    • Heuristic probabilistic power flow algorithm for microgrids operation and planning
      Digital differential protection technique of transmission line using instantaneous active current: theory, simulation and experiment
      Decision support for restoration of interconnected power systems using tie lines
      Closed-form analytical characterisation of non-linear oscillations in power systems incorporating unified power flow controller
      Transmission line fault detection and localisation methodology using PMU measurements
      Optimal distributed static series compensator placement for enhancing power system loadability and reliability
      Energy efficient reconfiguration for practical load combinations in distribution systems
      Parameter-free fault location for transmission lines based on optimisation
      Deterministic methodologies for the quantification of voltage unbalance propagation in radial and interconnected networks
      Simultaneous denoising and compression of power system disturbances using sparse representation on overcomplete hybrid dictionaries
      Iterative transmission and distribution optimal power flow framework for enhanced utilisation of distributed resources
      Optimal reactive power and voltage control in distribution networks with distributed generators by fuzzy adaptive hybrid particle swarm optimisation method
      Wavelet-artificial immune system algorithm applied to voltage disturbance diagnosis in electrical distribution systems
      Modelling and verifying the load behaviour of electric vehicle charging stations based on field measurements
      Important variable assessment and electricity price forecasting based on regression tree models: classification and regression trees, Bagging and Random Forests
      Non-invasive identification of turbo-generator parameters from actual transient network data
      Comparative performance assessment of a novel quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm and internal model control method for automatic generation control of power systems
      Cross-domain approach for operation support in smart grid
      Future stability challenges for the UK network with high wind penetration levels
      Dynamic operation and control of a hybrid nanogrid system for future community houses
      Ancillary services in electric power systems with HVDC grids
      Hybrid modal-balanced truncation method based on power system transfer function energy concepts
      Multi-objective design of advanced power distribution networks using restricted-population-based multi-objective seeker-optimisation-algorithm and fuzzy-operator
      Sectionalising methodology for parallel system restoration based on graph theory
      Incorporation of protection system failures into bulk power system reliability assessment by Bayesian networks

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