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Volume 9, Issue 10, 02 July 2015

Volume 9, Issue 10

02 July 2015

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    • Guest Editorial
      Single-phase single-stage multifunctional grid interfaced solar photo-voltaic system under abnormal grid conditions
      High-performance hybrid photovoltaic -battery system based on quasi-Z-source inverter: application in microgrids
      Optimum design of low-voltage distributed photovoltaic systems oriented to enhanced fault ride through capability
      Analysis and control of capacitor-excited induction generators connected to a micro-grid through power electronic converters
      Control of virtual power plant in microgrids: a coordinated approach based on photovoltaic systems and controllable loads
      Balanced and unbalanced inverter strategies in battery storage systems for low-voltage grid support
      Real time implementation of artificial neural networks-based controller for battery storage supported wind electric generation
      Hybrid double flying capacitor multicell converter and its application in grid-tied renewable energy resources
      Sizing and siting static synchronous compensator devices in the Portuguese transmission system for improving system security
      Development of an open source power flow software for high voltage direct current grids and hybrid AC/DC systems: MATACDC
      Adaptive backstepping droop controller design for multi-terminal high-voltage direct current systems

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