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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 9, Issue 1, 08 January 2015

Volume 9, Issue 1

08 January 2015

Improved non-linear least squares method for estimating the damping levels of electromechanical oscillations
Harmonic analysis model for voltage source converter under unbalanced conditions
Optimal scheduling for maintenance period of generating units using a hybrid scatter-genetic algorithm
Constrained spectral clustering-based methodology for intentional controlled islanding of large-scale power systems
Carbon dioxide capture and storage planning considering emission trading system for a generation corporation under the emission reduction policy in China
DC flashover criterion and discharge elongation mechanism in an air–electrolyte interval
Enhanced particle swarm optimisation applied for transient angle and voltage constrained discrete optimal power flow with flexible AC transmission system
Real coded genetic algorithm approach with random transfer vectors-based mutation for short-term hydro–thermal scheduling
Measurement-based analysis of the dynamic performance of microgrids using system identification techniques
Criterion to evaluate power system online transient stability based on adjoint system energy function

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