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Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2014

Volume 8, Issue 9

September 2014

Harmonic current protection scheme for voltage source converter-based high-voltage direct current transmission system
Classification and regression tree-based adaptive damping control of inter-area oscillations using wide-area signals
Static synchronous compensator-variable frequency drive for voltage and frequency control of small-hydro driven self-excited induction generators system
Probabilistic load flow computation using Copula and Latin hypercube sampling
Multifractal based return interval approach for short-term electricity price volatility risk estimation
Robust fault location of transmission lines by synchronised and unsynchronised wide-area current measurements
Mid-term electricity market clearing price forecasting using multiple least squares support vector machines
Reliability-centred maintenance for circuit breakers in transmission networks
Event-based remedial action scheme against super-component contingencies to avert frequency and voltage instabilities
Multi-agent receding horizon control with neighbour-to-neighbour communication for prevention of voltage collapse in a multi-area power system
Detecting synchrophasors computed over fault/switching transients
Enhancement of electric arc furnace reactive power compensation using Grey–Markov prediction method

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