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Volume 8, Issue 8, August 2014

Volume 8, Issue 8

August 2014

Real-time transient stability assessment based on centre-of-inertia estimation from phasor measurement unit records
Quasi-bridge-type fault current limiter for mitigating fault transient phenomena
Solution to the multi-machine transient stability problem and simulated validation in realistic scenarios
Fault section estimation in power distribution network using impedance-based fault distance calculation and frequency spectrum analysis
Unified power quality conditioner allocation for reactive power compensation of radial distribution networks
Controller design with model identification approach in wide area power system
Regression-based control of thyristor-controlled series compensators for optimal usage of transmission capacity
End user voltage regulation to ease urban low-voltage distribution congestion
New approach for sharing wind generation spatial diversification in multi-area power systems using trade-off analysis
Power system small-signal stability region calculation method based on the guardian map theory
Voltage balancing in low-voltage radial feeders using Scott transformers
Controlling voltage profile in smart grids with remotely controlled switches

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