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Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2014

Volume 8, Issue 7

July 2014

Economic power dispatch with cubic cost models using teaching learning algorithm
Automatic identification of transmission sections based on complex network theory
High speed directional relaying algorithm based on the fundamental frequency positive sequence superimposed components
Comparison of four methods for computing positive-sequence reactances of three-phase core-type transformers
Stochastic scenario-based model and investigating size of energy storages for PEM-fuel cell unit commitment of micro-grid considering profitable strategies
Intelligent maintenance model for condition assessment of circuit breakers using fuzzy set theory and evidential reasoning
High-speed distributed acquisition network for fast transient measurement
Multi-objective stochastic optimal planning method for stand-alone microgrid system
Hybrid algorithm for traction transformer differential protection based on intrinsic mode function energy entropy and correlation dimension
Loop-analysis-based continuation power flow algorithm for distribution networks
Fast approach for transient stability constrained optimal power flow based on dynamic reduction method
Aggregate domestic demand modelling for the next day direct load control applications
Steady-state error estimation in distance relay for single phase to ground fault in series-compensated parallel transmission lines
Development of energy and reserve pre-dispatch and re-dispatch models for real-time price risk and reliability assessment
Artificial neural network model of photovoltaic generator for power flow analysis in PSS®SINCAL
Calculation of cable thermal rating considering non-isothermal earth surface

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