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Volume 8, Issue 5, May 2014

Volume 8, Issue 5

May 2014

Optimal distributed generation placement in shunt capacitor compensated distribution systems considering voltage sag and harmonics distortions
Maintaining balanced three-phase load voltage during single-phase auto-reclosing in medium voltage distribution lines
Role of low-voltage/NH fuselinks rated voltage in distribution network losses. An evaluation based on the Hellenic low-voltage distribution network
Continuation power flow based on a novel local geometric parameterisation approach
Unified power flow controller impact on power system predictability
Multi-objective robust transmission expansion planning using information-gap decision theory and augmented ɛ-constraint method
New Algorithm for current transformer saturation detection and compensation based on derivatives of secondary currents and Newton's backward difference formulae
Black-box dynamic equivalent model for microgrids using measurement data
Wind turbine contribution in frequency drop mitigation – modified operation and estimating released supportive energy
Multi-objective short-term scheduling of thermoelectric power systems using a novel multi-objective θ-improved cuckoo optimisation algorithm
Solving long time-horizon dynamic optimal power flow of large-scale power grids with direct solution method
Differentiation filter-based technique for robust estimation of single-phase grid voltage frequency under distorted conditions
Prediction of wind power based on evolutionary optimised local general regression neural network
Preventive control approach for voltage stability improvement using voltage stability constrained optimal power flow based on static line voltage stability indices
Modelling of the inhibition effect of thin-wire ultra-corona on upward leader and its application on lightning protection in high-voltage transmission lines
Control of high voltage direct current links with overall large-scale grid objectives
Fast online dynamic voltage instability prediction and voltage stability classification
Expansion planning for smart transmission grids using AC model and shunt compensation
On electrical power evaluation in dq coordinates under sinusoidal unbalanced conditions
Locational marginal pricing-based allocation of transmission capacity in multiple electricity markets

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