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Volume 8, Issue 4, April 2014

Volume 8, Issue 4

April 2014

Optimal charging of plug-in electric vehicles observing power grid constraints
Performance evaluation of controlling thermostatically controlled appliances as virtual generators using comfort-constrained state-queueing models
Relation between transmission lines coupling factor and over head earth wire length: its impacts on fault current distributions
Evaluation of technical risks in distribution network along with distributed generation based on active management
New differential busbar characteristic based on high frequencies extracted from faulted signal during current transformer saturation
Data-mining-based intelligent anti-islanding protection relay for distributed generations
Design of wide-area damping systems based on the capabilities of the supporting Information Communication Technology infrastructure
Parallel-differential evolution approach for optimal event-driven load shedding against voltage collapse in power systems
Analysis of and reflection on the short-circuit fault of a large hydraulic generator
Theoretical interruption model for reliability assessment of power supply systems
New adaptive digital relaying scheme to tackle recloser–fuse miscoordination during distributed generation interconnections
Power conversion interface for small-capacity wind power generation system
Identification and estimation of equivalent area parameters using synchronised phasor measurements
Determination of available transfer capability with implication of cascading collapse uncertainty
Application of synchronised phasor measurements to wide-area fault diagnosis and location
Adaptive sequential importance sampling technique for short-term composite power system adequacy evaluation
Installed capacity selection of hybrid energy generation system via improved particle-swarm-optimisation
Quantifying the reliability level of system integrity protection schemes
New emerging voltage source converter for high-voltage application: hybrid multilevel converter with dc side H-bridge chain links
Estimation of novel position for the current and potential probe for the fall of potential method

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