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Volume 8, Issue 3, March 2014

Volume 8, Issue 3

March 2014

Improved first zone reach setting of artificial neural network-based directional relay for protection of double circuit transmission lines
Optimal distributed generation placement under uncertainties based on point estimate method embedded genetic algorithm
DC corrective optimal power flow based on generator and branch outages modelled as fictitious nodal injections
Fuzzy logic-based thermal generation scheduling strategy with solar-battery system using advanced quantum evolutionary method
Evaluation of nodal reliability risk in a deregulated power system with photovoltaic power penetration
Design and implementation of a wavelet analysis-based shunt fault detection and identification module for transmission lines application
Aspect of voltage stability and reactive power support in active distribution
Design and experimental evaluation tests of a Takagi–Sugeno power system stabiliser
Energy storage application in low-voltage microgrids for energy management and power quality improvement
Maximum available power of multi-infeed hvdc system analysed by sensitivity method
Icing load accretion prognosis for power transmission line with modified hidden semi-Markov model
Development of a high-performance bridge-type fault current limiter
AC pollution flashover performance and flashover process of glass insulators at high altitude site
Quantifying the benefits to consumers for demand response with a statistical elasticity model
Real-time scheduling of electric vehicles charging in low-voltage residential distribution systems to minimise power losses and improve voltage profile
Chemical reaction optimisation for different economic dispatch problems
Damping of subsynchronous resonance using a voltage source converter-based high-voltage direct-current link in a series-compensated Great Britain transmission network
Multi-objective optimal thyristor controlled series compensator installation strategy for transmission system loadability enhancement
Hybrid micro-grid operation characterisation based on stability and adherence to grid codes
Two-stage adjustable robust optimisation for unit commitment under uncertainty

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