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Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2014

Volume 8, Issue 1

January 2014

Fuzzy adaptive particle swarm optimisation for power loss minimisation in distribution systems using optimal load response
Diameter correction coefficient of ice thickness on conductors at natural ice observation stations
New support vector machine-based digital relaying scheme for discrimination between power swing and fault
Dynamic modelling and control of distribution energy systems: comparison with transmission power systems
Multiobjective multistage distribution system planning using tabu search
Identification and location of long-term voltage instability based on branch equivalent
Enhanced gravitational search algorithm for multi-objective distribution feeder reconfiguration considering reliability, loss and operational cost
Efficient heuristic-based approach for multi-objective capacitor allocation in radial distribution networks
Network usage determination using a transformer analogy
Two-stage power network reconfiguration strategy considering node importance and restored generation capacity
Taxonomic description for western Australian distribution medium-voltage and low-voltage feeders
DC fault ride-through capability and STATCOM operation of a HVDC hybrid voltage source converter
Reliability-based phasor measurement unit placement in power systems considering transmission line outages and channel limits
Dynamic load modelling of a paper mill for small signal stability studies
A method for determination of harmonics responsibilities at the point of common coupling using data correlation analysis
Optimisation of arrester location in risk assessment in distribution network
Recognition of single and multiple partial discharge sources in transformers based on ultra-high frequency signals
Comprehensive design methodology of tuned passive filters based on a probabilistic approach
New algorithm for the protection of delta-hexagonal phase shifting transformer
Simple algorithm for calculating the total electric field of high-voltage direct current transmission lines

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