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Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2014

Volume 8, Issue 12

December 2014

Optimal scheduling of a microgrid with demand response resources
Stochastic security-constrained hydrothermal unit commitment considering uncertainty of load forecast, inflows to reservoirs and unavailability of units by a new hybrid decomposition strategy
Optimal planning of static and dynamic reactive power resources
Robust n–k contingency constrained unit commitment with ancillary service demand response program
A hybrid model for integrated day-ahead electricity price and load forecasting in smart grid
A series flywheel architecture for power levelling and mitigation of DC voltage transients in multi-terminal HVDC grids
Stochastic multi-objective tie-line power flow and frequency control in market clearing of multi-area electricity markets considering power system security
Synchronised data-based adaptive backup protection for series compensated line
Event-triggered hybrid control based on multi-agent system for microgrids
Analysis of sub-synchronous resonance in doubly-fed induction generator-based wind farms interfaced with gate – controlled series capacitor
Uncertainty handling in power system expansion planning under a robust multi-objective framework
Distribution network reliability improvements in presence of demand response
Hybrid optimisation method for optimal power flow using flexible AC transmission system devices
Modelling and forecasting of electric daily peak load movement based on the elliptic-orbit model with weekly periodic extension: a case study
Unlocking the benefits of real-time thermal ratings through probabilistic power network planning
Impact of heat pump load on distribution networks
Directional relays without voltage sensors for distribution networks
High-speed relaying scheme for protection of transmission lines in the presence of thyristor-controlled series capacitor
Paralleled multi-terminal DC transmission line fault locating method based on travelling wave
Hyperbolic tangent function-based least mean-square control algorithm for distribution static compensator
Improvement of unified power quality conditioner performance with enhanced resonant control strategy
Adaptive load shedding scheme to preserve the power system stability following large disturbances
Area voltage control analysis in transmission systems based on clustering technique
Decision tree-induced fuzzy rule-based differential relaying for transmission line including unified power flow controller and wind-farms
Risk of supply insecurity with weather condition-based operation of plug in hybrid electric vehicles
Protection of transmission lines using fault component integrated power
Substation planning method based on the weighted Voronoi diagram using an intelligent optimisation algorithm
Environmental/economic dispatch incorporating renewable energy sources and plug-in vehicles

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