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Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 11

November 2014

New extraction method for active, reactive and individual harmonic components from distorted current signal
Fast security and risk constrained probabilistic unit commitment method using triangular approximate distribution model of wind generators
Hybrid differential evolution particle swarm optimisation optimised fuzzy proportional–integral derivative controller for automatic generation control of interconnected power system
Research on size and location of distributed generation with vulnerable node identification in the active distribution network
Parallel Monte Carlo approach for distribution reliability assessment
Assessing flexibility requirements in power systems
Probabilistic approach for optimal placement and tuning of power system supplementary damping controllers
Method for evaluating the importance of power grid nodes based on PageRank algorithm
Comprehensive optimal photovoltaic inverter control strategy in unbalanced three-phase four-wire low voltage distribution networks
Variational Bayesian inference for the probabilistic model of power load
Simultaneous impact of unified power flow controller and off-shore wind penetration on distance relay characteristics
Investigation of synchronous generator in reactive power market – an accurate view

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