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Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2013

Volume 7, Issue 9

September 2013

Multi-distributed generation planning using hybrid particle swarm optimisation- gravitational search algorithm including voltage rise issue
Loss-of-field detection in synchronous generators using decision tree technique
Comprehensive review of generation and transmission expansion planning
Unified framework for frequency and voltage control of autonomous microgrids
Clarification on power system stabiliser design
Hybrid modelling of doubly fed induction generators with inter-turn stator fault and its detection method using wavelet analysis
Power system economic dispatch under low-carbon economy with carbon capture plants considered
Three-phase power flow calculations by direct Z LOOP method for microgrids with electric vehicle charging demands
Optimal multi-area generation schedule considering renewable resources mix: a real-time approach
Fault ride through capability for grid interfacing large scale PV power plants
Authenticated voltage control of partitioned power networks with optimal allocation of STATCOM using heuristic algorithm
Approximate model and low-order harmonic reduction for high-voltage direct current tap based on series single-phase modular multilevel converter

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