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Volume 7, Issue 8, August 2013

Volume 7, Issue 8

August 2013

Coordinated under frequency load and capacitor shedding for bulk power systems
Placement of minimum distributed generation units observing power losses and voltage stability with network constraints
Secondary control of microgrids based on distributed cooperative control of multi-agent systems
Dynamic computing paradigm for comprehensive power flow analysis
Optimal charge equalisation control for series-connected batteries
Estimation of the overload-related outages in distribution networks considering the random nature of the electrical loads
Dynamic formulation and approximation methods to solve economic dispatch problems
A hybrid method and its applications to analyse the low frequency oscillations in the interconnected power system
Universal active and reactive power control of electronically interfaced distributed generation sources in virtual power plants operating in grid-connected and islanding modes
Enhancement of voltage stability margin in radial distribution system with squirrel cage induction generator based distributed generators
Payment cost minimisation auction for deregulated electricity market using mixed-integer linear programming approach
Mixed-integer linear model for transmission expansion planning with line losses and energy storage systems

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