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Volume 7, Issue 7, July 2013

Volume 7, Issue 7

July 2013

Parameter estimation of drive system in a fixed-speed wind turbine by utilising turbulence excitations
An analytic approach for optimal coordination of overcurrent relays
Critical peak pricing with load control demand response program in unit commitment problem
Direct Lyapunov theory-based method for power oscillation damping by robust finite-time control of unified power flow controller
Hybrid control for high-penetration distribution grid based on operational mode conversion
Turn-to-earth fault modelling of power transformer based on symmetrical components
Study on the field effects under reduced-scale DC/AC hybrid transmission lines
Bilevel approach for optimal location and contract pricing of distributed generation in radial distribution systems using mixed-integer linear programming
Stochastic self-scheduling of generation companies in day-ahead multi-auction electricity markets considering uncertainty of units and electricity market prices
Data mining approach to fault detection for isolated inverter-based microgrids
Transmission-constrained intrahour coordination of wind and pumped-storage hydro units
Multistage expansion planning for distribution networks including unit commitment
New active islanding detection scheme for constant power and constant current controlled inverter-based distributed generation
Utilising energy storage systems to mitigate power system vulnerability

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