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Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2013

Volume 7, Issue 3

March 2013

Subsynchronous resonance in a series-compensated Great Britain transmission network
New controlled switching approach for limitation of transmission line switching overvoltages
Hourly demand response in day-ahead scheduling for managing the variability of renewable energy
Adaptive enumeration method for the optimal interconnection planning of isolated power systems
Transient stability constrained optimal power flow using independent dynamic simulation
OPEN unified power quality conditioner with control based on enhanced phase locked loop
Effect of customer worth of interrupted supply on the optimal design of small isolated power systems with increased renewable energy penetration
Analytical study of the frequency-dependent earth conduction effects on underground power cables
Steady-state security assessment method based on distance to security region boundaries
Binary neighbourhood field optimisation for unit commitment problems
Voltage stability analysis of unbalanced distribution systems using backward/forward sweep load-flow analysis method with secant predictor
Hybrid converter with ac side cascaded H-bridge cells against H-bridge alternative arm modular multilevel converter: steady-state and dynamic performance

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