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Volume 7, Issue 2, February 2013

Volume 7, Issue 2

February 2013

Energy harvesting for a wireless-monitoring system of overhead high-voltage power lines
Data size reduction with symbolic aggregate approximation for electrical load pattern grouping
Reliability improvement of power system observability with minimum phasor measurement units
Flexible load shedding strategy considering real-time dynamic thermal line rating
Guaranteed state estimation of power system via interval constraints propagation
Study on fog flashover performance and fog-water conductivity correction coefficient for polluted insulators
Risk/investment-driven transmission expansion planning with multiple scenarios
Research on lightning performance of AC/DC hybrid transmission lines on the same tower
Maximum loadability of droop regulated microgrids – formulation and analysis
Dynamic fault locator for three-terminal transmission lines for phasor measurement units
Reliability evaluation of restructured power systems using a novel optimal power-flow-based approach
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for static VAR compensator to damp out wind energy conversion system oscillation

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