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Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2013

Volume 7, Issue 12

December 2013

Support vector clustering-based direct coherency identification of generators in a multi-machine power system
Adaptive multi-objective distribution network reconfiguration using multi-objective discrete particles swarm optimisation algorithm and graph theory
Stochastic assessment of voltage dips caused by transformer energisation
Analysis of harmonic current summation based on field measurements
Static/dynamic optimal dispatch of energy and reserve using recurrent differential evolution
Comprehensive multi-year distribution system planning using back-propagation approach
A model for optimal scheduling of hydro thermal systems including pumped-storage and wind power
Fast and robust software-based digital phase-locked loop for power electronics applications
Spinning reserve supply with presence of electric vehicles aggregator considering compromise between cost and reliability
Multi-objective fuzzy-based procedure for enhancing reactive power management
Hybrid procedure including subtransmission systems and substations for reliability assessment
Efficient sequential non-linear optimal power flow approach using incremental variables
Solution of large-scale security constrained optimal power flow by a new bi-level optimisation approach based on enhanced gravitational search algorithm
Reconfiguration of distribution system through two minimum-current neighbour-chain updating methods
Reconfigurable instrument for neural-network-based power-quality monitoring in 3-phase power systems
Fast real-time corrective control strategy for overload relief in bulk power systems
Fuzzy security constraints for unit commitment with outages
Probabilistic assessment of available transfer capability considering spatial correlation in wind power integrated system
Contingency filtering technique for transient stability constrained optimal power flow

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