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Volume 7, Issue 11, November 2013

Volume 7, Issue 11

November 2013

Influence of sympathetic inrush on voltage dips caused by transformer energisation
New model for overhead lossy multiconductor transmission lines
Revisiting the power flow problem based on a mixed complementarity formulation approach
Maximum undergrounding degree of HV subtransmission networks as dictated by unscheduled power flows
Outer-approximation method for security constrained unit commitment
Individual-phase decoupled P–Q control of three-phase voltage source converter
Modelling and analysis of current and potential distribution paths for grounding devices
Implementation of distribution static compensator for power quality enhancement using learning vector quantisation
Cobweb theory-based generation maintenance coordination in restructured power systems
Coordination of storage and generation in power system frequency control using an H approach
Solid-state transient limiter for capacitor bank switching transients
Decoupled recursive-least-squares technique for extraction of power system synchronised phasors under fault conditions
Improved model for tap-changing transformer
Use of local bus measurements for operational planning of a power system
Interoperability of voltage source converters in dc grids
Robust transmission system expansion considering planning uncertainties
Extended smart meters-based remote detection method for illegal electricity usage
Switching function analysis of half- and full-bridge modular multi-level converters for HVDC applications

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