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Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2013

Volume 7, Issue 10

October 2013

Investigation on new mitigation method for lightning overvoltages in high-voltage power substations
Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets based on local informative vector machine
Generation maintenance scheduling using improved binary particle swarm optimisation considering aging failures
Impact of price-based demand response on market clearing and locational marginal prices
Hybrid algorithm for dynamic economic dispatch with valve-point effects
Probabilistic approach for optimal planning of distributed generators with controlling harmonic distortions
Calculations of the charge distribution along multi-overhead transmission lines’ conductors
Wavelet singular entropy-based symmetrical fault-detection and out-of-step protection during power swing
Circuit breakers maintenance planning for composite power systems
Modelling of wind generation at all scales for transmission system analysis
Simple control strategy for inverter-based distributed generator to enhance microgrid stability in the presence of induction motor loads
Determination of the optimum routine and self-checking test time intervals for power system protection considering remote back-up protection system failure

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