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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 7

July 2012

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    • High-speed non-unit transmission line protection using single-phase measurements and an adaptive wavelet: zone detection and fault classification
      Simultanous emergency demand response programming and unit commitment programming in comparison with interruptible load contracts
      Voltage stability analysis of radial distribution networks using catastrophe theory
      Proposal for defining voltage dip-related responsibility sharing at a point of connection
      Resolution of line-transferred power in grids yielded by circuit-laws' symmetry under deductive reasoning of Shapley theorem
      Comparative study of evolutionary computation methods for active–reactive power dispatch
      Strategic capacitor placement in distribution systems by minimisation of harmonics amplification because of resonance
      Reactive power redispatch for loss reduction using a modified power flow Jacobian
      Evidence-based approach to power transmission risk assessment with component failure risk analysis
      Continuation power flow with adaptive stepsize control via convergence monitor
      Development of a new power injection model with embedded multi-control functions for static synchronous series compensator
      Optimisation of network reconfiguration based on a two-layer unit-restarting framework for power system restoration
      Probabilistic load flow with non-Gaussian correlated random variables using Gaussian mixture models
      Development of a new bus zone identification algorithm using support vector machine

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