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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2012

Volume 6, Issue 10

October 2012

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    • Improvement of the differential busbar characteristic to avoid false operation during to CT saturation
      Hyperbolic S-transform-based method for classification of external faults, incipient faults, inrush currents and internal faults in power transformers
      Effect of micro-fillers in polytetrafluoroethylene insulators on the characteristics of surface discharges in presence of SF6, CO2 and SF6-CO2 mixture
      Efficient and optimal approach for location and parameter setting of multiple unified power flow controllers for a deregulated power sector
      Automatic classification of power quality events and disturbances using wavelet transform and support vector machines
      New method for monitoring voltage stability condition of a bus of an interconnected power system using measurements of the bus variables
      Smart demand side management of low-voltage distribution networks using multi-objective decision making
      Adequacy study of a wind farm considering terrain and wake effect
      New approach for power transformer protection based on intelligent hybrid systems
      Renovation strategies and economic regulation in electricity distribution
      Distribution system security region: definition, model and security assessment
      Design of stabilising signals for power system damping using generalised predictive control optimised by a new hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithm
      Transmission line sag influence on lightning stroke probability
      Mixed power flow analysis using AC and DC models
      Multi-objective unit commitment problem with reliability function using fuzzified binary real coded artificial bee colony algorithm

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