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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2011

Volume 5, Issue 2

February 2011

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    • Theoretical aspects of fault isolation on high-power direct current lines using resonant direct current/direct current converters
      Earth return admittances and impedances of underground cables in non-homogeneous earth
      Heuristic curve-fitted technique for distributed generation optimisation in radial distribution feeder systems
      Multi-criteria decision-making approach for multi-stage optimal placement of phasor measurement units
      Field programmable gate array implementation of a fault location system in transmission lines based on artificial neural networks
      Suitability analysis of practical directional algorithms for use in directional comparison bus protection based on IEC61850 process bus
      Interval type-2-based thyristor controlled series capacitor to improve power system stability
      Voltage sag state estimation in power systems by applying genetic algorithms
      Testing and evaluating grounding systems for substations located in urban areas
      Dynamic voltage security constrained optimal coordinated voltage control using enhanced particle swarm optimisation
      Hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithm and Nelder–Mead simplex search for optimal reactive power dispatch
      Disturbance detection, location and classification in phase space
      Phase jump correction factor applied to the differential equation algorithm by an adaptive scheme
      Effective method for optimal allocation of distributed generation units in meshed electric power systems

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